354 AdHoc DuoMill Pure

Why It's Cool: Both salt and pepper in one tower with 2 adjustable ceramic mills; great functionality and beautiful too!

Salt and Pepper: essential ingredients in almost every recipe, and therefore in every kitchen and on every tabletop! And there are so many ways to ‘deliver’ these ingredients to your food … we offer electric (Piper’s primary faves!) and manual (Kennedy’s personal preferences!) But the good ones have a few things in common:

  • rapid, consistent and evenly distributed throughput,
  • adjustable grinders for individualized preferences,
  • comfortable ease of use, and
  • no messy “leave-behind” on your countertop or tabletop.

Over these 5+ years of searching worldwide for truly Cool Tools, we’ve learned a lot, our requirements have become stricter, and the possible field of acceptable choices has narrowed. But this product truly is one of the best! And it’s from one of the first companies we worked with when we started our business!

The DuoMill Pure from AdHoc combines the very best elements of beautiful design and exceptional functionality to deliver a single integrated ‘salt & pepper’ solution to your table or kitchen. The 8⅝”/21.6cm tall cylindrical tower combines two adjustable ceramic grinders - mounted in brushed stainless steel on each end - with separate clear acrylic storage in the middle, to present a beautiful single unit - only 1⅝”/4.2cm in diameter! - with excellent throughput and always-visible reminders to assure that “you’ll never run out” (if you pay attention!) in the middle of seasoning your food.

The DuoMill Pure is an ideal space-saver, as well as being an excellent “set” of mills. Each end comes with a fitted acrylic “aroma cap” to protect the contents and grinders from moisture or other damage, and to protect your tabletop or counters from messy spillage. Each side holds approximately 2½T/27.5ml of dry peppercorns or coarse salt; we use mixed peppercorns and pink Himalayan salt in ours (you could even use 2 kinds of salt, or 2 kinds of peppers, in a single DuoMill!). And refilling is especially easy with a collapsible Mini Funnel.

We both agree that the DuoMill Pure from AdHoc is among the Very Best Cool Tools! Get one for your kitchen, and more for gifts to friends and family: they will thank you every time they reach for salt and pepper!


  • Approximate dimensions: 8⅝”/21.6cm tall; 1⅝”/4.2cm diameter
  • 2 separate adjustable, high efficiency CeraCut® grinders
  • Stainless steel and acrylic
  • Design by Gabriele Doefler for AdHoc GmbH
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