178 blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator

Why It's Cool: Adds filtering and aeration to a beautiful 1.5L carafe

Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are other tools that perform these technical tasks very well, like the Nuance Wine Finer. But there is an artistic dimension to enjoying wine that requires more elegant presentation, and for that we have wine carafes.

The problem is that we may need to decant more frequently than we actually do, because ...well, sometimes it can be complicated. The “ritual” of opening and pouring and candling into a carafe requires extra equipment, in addition to the carafe, and so much attention to detail that sometimes it just seems inconvenient ...and so we don’t do it. And then we end up drinking young tight wine, or chewing on bits of cork or those globs of sediment hiding in the bottom of the glass as the last of the bottle approaches. Right? ... Wrong!

In order to simplify this task, what we need is a multi-function single unit, combining the technical tools - the carafe, the filter, and the aerator - in one elegant package of glass and stainless steel. A piece of beautiful design, performing its functions in a highly efficient fashion. A Cool Tool.

The Delta Wine Carafe from Blomus combines all these elements in a beautiful and efficient way. The glass carafe itself has a lovely shape, topped by a multi-function stainless steel top, and will comfortably hold 1.5L - a magnum or 2 standard bottles - of wine, leaving headspace above the wine in the carafe. The neck of the carafe is the right length and diameter to provide a firm grip for pouring. The top unit combines a filter for catching sediment and cork on the way into the carafe, a diffuser that distributes the wine down the sides of the carafe to thoroughly aerate it, and a pour spout that allows dripless pouring without having to clean or remove the filter. The top unit disassembles for cleaning and it all stores together in one piece, with the carafe, so you don’t have to hunt through the drawers next time you want to decant!

The Blomus Delta Carafe has it all: great design, beautifully assembled, with highly efficient multi-functionality ...allowing you to perform your decanting tasks easily and with flair … a very Cool Tool!


  • 10” height x 7” wide at the base
  • Holds 1.5 Liters, plus
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Lead-free Glass
  • Silicone Gasket
  • Acrylic Diffuser
  • Design: Flöz Industrie Design
  • Dishwasher safe
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