blomus "Splash" Water Carafe

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Why It's Cool: A stylish and easy way to serve infused water, withut the mess!

Drinking ‘plenty of fluids’ is always a healthy thing to do, especially in these crazy times. The health benefits are numerous - see a partial list below - but we know from experience that it’s not always convenient to access (or to go back & forth to) a sink, tap, or fountain, and you don’t want to add ‘yet-another’ empty plastic bottle to the global garbage dump. You need to make ‘staying hydrated’ easy to do and enjoyable to accomplish, especially in a small group. Our answer to much of this dilemma is a beautiful water carafe from blomus: a highly innovative 21st century German company, specializing in sleek modern design of a wide range of home decor products.

Our healthcare providers and healthy friends are constantly reminding us to ‘drink more water’: the benefits they cite are numerous, including:

  • Better liver, kidney, and urinary tract function: improves body waste flushing

  • Improves digestion, metabolism, and respiratory function

  • Regulates body temperature

  • Lubricates joints and cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other vital organs*

* We are not qualified medical advisors and we don’t play ones on TV, but we try to pay attention to ours!-]

The “Splash” carafe is a simple beautiful design: executed in borosilicate glass with a slightly heavier base to provide stability, and a simple ‘splash’ of color on the top: we offer three color choices! The silicone and stainless steel flip-top lid seats firmly and pours from any direction, so there’s no need to carefully ‘point’ a spout to avoid spills. The carafe holds a full liter (37 ounces) so you can track your daily consumption if you wish. The slight taper in the body of the carafe is perfectly located to assure a firm grip, even when condensation forms a slippery surface after being filled with a cold beverage. A few years ago, we published a Cool Tip on flavoring your water; cut-up ‘whole fruit’ - citrus, cucumber, mint, etc. - in your carafe is still a great choice and elevates your water to a spa-like experience. And the lid of the carafe keeps those pieces from splashing into your glass.

In short, the “Splash” carafe is definitely a Cool Tool!” - beautiful design, with great functionality … enjoy! Get one now, with a second for your office, when you get to go back.


  • Borosilicate glass with Silicone and Stainless Steel lid
  • 11½”/29.5 cm H x 3⅝”/9 cm diameter at base 
  • Capacity: 37 ounces/1 liter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty
  • Design by Flöz
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