blomus Tea-Jay Iced Tea Maker

Why It's Cool: The classiest and easiest way to make fresh-brewed iced tea--and create a great show in the process

Iced tea is a beverage of choice almost anytime: it’s much more interesting than plain water, it’s often a better choice than wine and it’s always a better choice than sugary ‘soft drinks’. But the options for iced tea are much more limited than the tea world that is out there. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy and very cool way to make iced tea out of the vast variety of teas in the world? Well, now there is, thanks to the very innovative, German design-focused company called blomus.

The blomus Tea-Jay consists of a beautiful glass and stainless steel carafe that looks good on any table. But the real genius is the top and the tea insert that fits into the top. After filling the bottom of the carafe with ice (and perhaps fruit or syrup or both), put loose or bagged tea leaves into the insert, screw it down tight into the top (making it leak proof), and then pour in your hot water to steep the tea, with enough room for a really good infusion. Wait about 2-5 minutes - depending on the type of tea leaves and your personal taste. Then twist the insert in the top to release the brewed tea in a cascade down all sides of the carafe, onto the ice in the base, leaving the tea leaves behind in the insert and stopping the brewing process, so your tea won’t get too strong or become bitter. 

What you get is a beautiful carafe of freshly brewed iced tea and an impressive presentation that will wow you and the guests you will eventually have when this pandemic is over.

It’s easy, it’s effective, it’s beautiful, it’s impressive, and it is definitely a Cool Tool! And if you know anyone who loves good iced tea, this makes an incredible gift!


  • Capacity: 27 fluid ounces (a little more than a bottle of wine)/.8L
  • Height: 12”/30.5cm
  • Diameter: 3.74”/9.5cm
  • Borosilicate Glass, stainless steel and plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
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