225 Book: Confessions of a Serial Entertainer by Steven Stolman (signed by the author)

Why It's Cool: Witty, entertaining and informative book about how to be a gracious, relaxed and confident host.

We love cookbooks and have a huge library of them, but it’s not something we’ve chosen to carry at Colbrook Kitchen… until now. But then, this isn’t just a cookbook--it’s a guidebook for anyone who invites people over (or would like to) and wants to do it with a maximum of style and a minimum of stress.

Steven Stolman, clothing designer, former president of Scalamandre Fabrics, author, style guru, and self-proclaimed serial entertainer, shares his secrets, not only of how to be a gracious host, but how to be a great guest as well. Steven is the author of 40 Years of Fabulous and Scalamandré: Haute Décor. And he's our cousin!

He freely admits to using lots of shortcuts and packaged products to make life easier, and these tips and many others are part of the wit and wisdom that fills these pages and will make everyone from the novice to the veteran party thrower a more confident and successful host. And along the way Steven shares recipes for everything from Pimento Cheese through Chicken Milanese to Sorta Strawberries Romanoff.

Included in this book are advice for stocking your bar, pantry items for last minute entertaining, tips for great presentation, and enough wit, wisdom and humor to carry you through countless entertaining scenarios.

If a Cool Tool is something that makes your life in the kitchen easier with better results, then this book is definitely a Cool Tool.

Full disclosure and nepotism alert: Steven is my cousin; well, actually, his father and my mother are cousins, but he is definitely family, and we love him. However, if we didn’t think this book was over-the-top fabulous, it would never qualify as a Cool Tool, despite our relationship. One benefit of this relationship is that we are pleased offer you personally signed copies of this wonderful book!


  • Hardbound
  • Personally signed by the author
  • 192 pages
  • Text ©2015 by Steven Stolman
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