347 Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpeners

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Why It's Cool: Stylish, easy and incredibly effective knife sharpeners

Sharpening your knives is an everyday task for everyone who cooks … but it’s often both a pain and a problem: are you doing it correctly? Is what you’re doing effective, or will it hurt your knives? You wind up avoiding the task because it’s one of those chores you don’t feel comfortable with, so you live with dull knives until you can take your knives to a professional, which is both expensive and inconvenient.

A friend and customer (thanks, Suzy; you got 100 Cooks’ Club Points!) told us about a great knife sharpener that she got. We love leads from our customers, so we sought it out, checked it out, and tested it out, and we were hooked…! This is a truly unique, highly effective and easy to use approach to an everyday problem: getting and keeping your steel knives sharp! You can choose between the Basic and the Professional models … both with Austrian Tungsten Carbide blades for the same highly effective sharpening experience!

The Professional Model is the “sexy big-un": a 6¼’/15.87cm tall brushed stainless steel beauty on a sturdy 4¼”/10.8cm x  3½”/8.9cm base … this one can be left on the counter for convenience and maximum visual effect. All my Global Knives and Piper’s Shun Knives (and the rest!) go through these sharpeners. It performs an unbelievably exemplary job of sharpening your knives.

Follow the instructions carefully: on the Professional, knife-tip down for coarse sharpening; knife-tip up for fine sharpening. And hold the bars apart for an extra sharp edge. You can even sharpen your serrated knives and your very special Japanese-style single-bevel knives. The Professional features printed instructions under the base, so you don't have to memorize the instructions above. It's interessting how you'll learn to hear the differences when your knife is sharp. And of course, the proof is in the cutting!.

This is a great tool: excellent, easy-to-use, highly effective sharpener, with beautiful design details …it's a Very Cool Tool!


  • Carbide Sharpeners
  • 6¼’/15.87cm tall on a 4¼”/10.8cm x  3½”/8.9cm base
  • Stainless Steel
  • Designed by Harald Stallenger - Austria
  • US Patent 6,905,403,B2
  • EU Patent 100,52,439

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