Carré Olive Wood Salt Dish and Spoon

Why It's Cool: Beautiful presentation at the table while avoiding the possible corrosive effect of salt on metal

We love serving whole grains of salt at the table--you get a burst of flavor and a great crunch... and for those watching their salt intake, you use less because what you're using has such intense flavor.

There are many salt dishes out there: we have a small collection of beautiful glass and silver pieces, dating from the 19th Century (it really wasn’t THAT long ago!). But the major issues for all these pieces is the oxidizing effect of salt on metal spoons left in the salt, and on metal bowls left filled with salt. It’s a damaging toxic mess waiting to occur.

That can all be avoided with the Olive Wood Salt Dish and Spoon from Carré.

The Salt Dish and Spoon from Carré is an excellent example of the combination of functionality and design: the “beauty” that we look for in a Cool Tool. And it offers another approach to serving salt, in addition to the Carré Salt Keepers we also offer.

We leave ours out and filled on the table … no worries of oxidation here! The small size (3¼”/8.25cm diameter) allows you to store enough salt for convenient serving, but not so much that it will clump with humidity. The Spoon (4.5”/11.5cm length, with a 1.5”/3cm bowl) is also right-sized for an appropriate serving directly onto your plate or into your hand for tightly targeted serving with your fingers.

As many old olive groves in various countries around the Mediterranean go out of production, local artisans have discovered that making olive wood utensils is also a sustainable choice. These are being executed in both traditional and innovative designs, with exceptional functionality. Each item will have unique graining patterns but these tools are well-executed to show-off the beauty of the wood grain while preserving the integrity of the design.

This is a classic shape, beautifully executed in tightly grained olive wood. It will require periodic oiling, as salt will leach moisture from the wood. But that seasoning process will make it more lovely as time goes by.

Classic design, with excellent functionality … there is no doubt that this is a Cool Tool!


  • Salt Dish:
  • 3¼”/8.25cm diameter
  • 1.5”/3cm height
  • Salt Spoon:
  • 4.5”/11.5cm length
  • 1.5”/3cm x 1”/2.5cm bowl
  • Hand crafted in olive wood
  • Each piece is unique in grain pattern and exact sizes
  • Season with olive oil
  • Do not use soap and water to clean
  • Not dishwasher safe.
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