Carré Olive Wood Spoons

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Why It's Cool: Easy to hold, sturdy and beautiful to use / Pointed Spoon gets in the corners of pots

The plethora of non-stick surfaces in all our kitchens require a variety of non-metal utensils. Wood is the traditional go-to material, and there are many choices, from bamboo, to oak and cherry. But for beauty and durability, olive is the choice. And as many old olive groves around the Mediterranean go out of production, local artisans are discovering that making olive wood utensils also is the sustainable choice. These are being executed in both traditional and innovative designs, with exceptional functionality … Cool Tools, each and every one!

Michel Carré inherited his passion for woodworking from his father, and discovered the natural beauty and durability of olive wood in 1960. Since that time he has worked with designers and artisans to develop a range of olive wood kitchenware. We are presenting a limited selection of these items; those that we believe offer best-of-class characteristics. Each item will have unique graining patterns but these tools are well-executed to show-off the beauty of the woodgrain while preserving the integrity of the design. The craftsmanship is best demonstrated by the spoons, each carefully produced to center the woodgrain into the bowl of the spoon: similarly to how I was long-ago taught to select a good briar pipe.

The “Easy Handle” spoon is my favorite: with an ideal combination of length and weight, the handle allows easy stirring with a simple one-finger levering motion, similar to using chopsticks. And the “Pointed Spoon” is a beautiful take on a classic design, ideal for stirring and reaching into the edges of your saucepan (and it now comes with a bigger more comfortable handle!). Like all wooden utensils, handwashing required!

Each of these is a unique thing of beauty, well-designed and well-made, and sustainable too! ...very Cool Tools!


  • Mediterranean Olive Wood
  • Uniquely patterned and approximate sizes may vary
  • One-piece construction
  • Handcrafted
  • Easy Handle Spoon: ~11”
  • Pointed Spoon: ~11”
  • Hand-wash only: not dishwasher safe
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