Carré Salt Keepers

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Why It's Cool: Beautiful way to hold salt for kitchen or table / Double Salt Dish is great if you have two kinds of salt or salt and pepper

As we’ve said often before, we love salt! We cook with it, and we dress our dishes with it. So we always want some salt - and sometimes two varieties - immediately at hand in the kitchen. There are many designs of salt dishes, but two design features are preferable in a salt dish: it should have a cover, to protect from moisture and food, and it should look good, because it is constantly on display on your countertop. And on this last essential point, there are few things more beautiful than the wood grain in olive wood.

These olive wood salt dishes are being offered in both traditional and innovative designs, both with exceptional functionality … both very Cool Tools!

Michel Carré inherited his passion for woodworking from his father, and discovered the natural beauty and durability of olive wood in 1960. Since that time he has worked with designers and artisans to develop a range of olive wood kitchenware. And as many old olive groves around the Mediterranean go out of production, it has become clear that making olive wood utensils also is a sustainable choice. We are presenting a limited selection of these items; those that we believe offer best-of-class characteristics. Each item will have unique graining patterns but these tools have been well-executed to show-off the beauty of the woodgrain while preserving the integrity of the design.

The “Magnetic Salt Keeper” is the classic workhorse, with a larger capacity and a magnetic closure to assure that the cover remains in place. The “Double Salt Keeper” is an attractive modern design that suggests its Mediterranean origins, with smaller bowls that make two varieties of salt readily available. Both have covers that remain attached while they easily move out of the way and feature slightly-rounded top edges that enhance their look-n-feel. Like all wooden utensils, handwashing required!

Each of these is a unique thing of beauty, well-designed and well-made, that will keep your salt ready on your countertop, protect your salt, and look great doing it! And they’re sustainable too! ...very Cool Tools!


  • Mediterranean Olive Wood
  • Uniquely patterned and approximate sizes may vary
  • Handcrafted
  • Magnetic Salt Keeper: ~4” diameter x ~3” height
  • Double Salt Keeper: ~5.5” length x ~1.75” height
  • Hand-wash only: not dishwasher safe
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