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  1. Cool Tools

  2. Carré Olive Wood Dip Bowl

    Carré Olive Wood Dip Bowl


    Don’t you love it when you go to a restaurant, and they serve a beautiful olive oil with herbs to dip your bread in? It’s so simple, yet so good, and it’s healthier than butter. Of course, you can easily do this at home for the pleasure of you and your guests. So what takes this simple preparation of herbs and oil (and we like to add some grinds of smoked chili) to the next level? What makes you feel that you’ve been transported to a cafe in Provence or Tuscany? It’s a bit of old world charm that comes from a hand-crafted olive wood bowl in which to serve it.

    And this beautiful bowl can be used for any number of small condiments, nuts, olives, crackers or anything else that you want to show off!

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  3. Carré Olive Wood Dip Olive Boat

    Carré Olive Wood Olive Boat


    The Olive Boat from Carré is an excellent example of the combination of functionality and design: the “beauty” that we look for in a Cool Tool.

    This classic design makes serving olives - whether cured or straight out the jar - easy and convenient. Olives line up neatly in the Olive Boat and can be retrieved easily from either end … and refilling even while your guests continue to enjoy them is quite simple. Cleanup is doubly simple: as with any good piece of wood, no soap or water required. Simply wipe away the excess oil, while leaving behind whatever oil is naturally absorbed by the wood, to achieve the double benefits of cleaning and seasoning. You’ll use this frequently in your home, and it makes a great gift!

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  4. Carré Olive Wood Salt Dish and Spoon

    Carré Olive Wood Salt Dish and Spoon


    We love serving whole grains of salt at the table--you get a burst of flavor and a great crunch... and for those watching their salt intake, you use less because what you're using has such intense flavor.

    There are many salt dishes out there: we have a small collection of beautiful glass and silver pieces, dating from the 19th Century (it really wasn’t THAT long ago!). But the major issues for all these pieces is the oxidizing effect of salt on metal spoons left in the salt, and on metal bowls left filled with salt. It’s a damaging toxic mess waiting to occur.

    That can all be avoided with the Olive Wood Salt Dish and Spoon from Carré.

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  6. Cool Tips

  7. Cool Tip: What to Drink while watching the Olympics

    With the Olympics in Rio just around the corner, a lot of our drinking attention will be focused on Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah), the national drink of Brazil.

  8. Cool Tip: Placement Matters

    Know how to read a recipe--this Cool Tip provides some good advice on interpreting reciipes.

  9. Cool Tip: Romance & Food

    There is a definite connection between romance & food, here's some information to help understand it...

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