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  1. Cool Tools

  2. Small Prodyne Appetizer / Sushi On Ice

    Prodyne Appetizer / Sushi On Ice


    When we introduced the Iced Eggs Tray, a friend commented “that’s nice, but what about serving sushi? I need the same functionality, with a flat surface.” And we said “...of course!” And so … we now offer the Appetizers / Sushi on Ice from Prodyne in 2 sizes. Thanks Momi!

    Sushi in a restaurant usually comes in small portions, in part so that the chilled fish can remain so, for reasons of both flavor and sanitation. But this is difficult to achieve if you’re serving more than 1-2 portions at a time, especially on a warm day or evening. And if you’re hosting then you should have prepared (or ordered in) all the sushi before your guests arrive so you’re not trying to be a full-time sushi chef - sharp knives and adult beverages often don’t mix well! - when you should be mingling and serving!

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  3. Prodyne Cheese Grip

    Prodyne Cheese Grip


    One of the first pieces of entertaining “equipment” that I received as a gift from my mother when I had my first apartment was a cheese button: a Lucite disk (yes, I’m dating myself) with three sharp legs that you stick into a piece of hard cheese so that you can steady it as you’re slicing it without putting you (or your guests’) fingers on the cheese that someone will eventually eat.

    Good idea then... good idea now! But whereas (OK, I used to practice law) the original design was merely a place to push down on the cheese, the newer model has significant improvements.

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  4. Prodyne Iced Eggs Tray

    Prodyne Iced Deviled Eggs Tray


    Everybody loves Deviled Eggs - right? And we especially love them in summertime, when we can devour those one-bite wonders almost as quickly as they’re served!

    But wait! Isn’t that kind of quickfire consumption really a learned behavior? ...because those delicious chilled morsels of protein - and mayonnaise, and more - can spoil so quickly in the summer heat? Now, you can slow down, and savor your Deviled Eggs … because we’ve found a Cool Tool that will keep your Deviled Eggs cool!

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  6. Cool Tips

  7. Cool Tip: What to Drink while watching the Olympics

    With the Olympics in Rio just around the corner, a lot of our drinking attention will be focused on Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah), the national drink of Brazil.

  8. Cool Tip: Placement Matters

    Know how to read a recipe--this Cool Tip provides some good advice on interpreting reciipes.

  9. Cool Tip: Romance & Food

    There is a definite connection between romance & food, here's some information to help understand it...

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