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  2. ChefSpecs



    OK, admit it … even if we’ve had Lasik surgery or wear contacts all the time, there are times, especially in the kitchen, when we can use some help ...assembling the ingredients, double-checking the next step in recipe … in short, being able to see clearly and conveniently. Right?

    And the run-of-the-mill “cheaters” don’t do the job: even if you can find them handily, at that exact moment when you need to see clearly or risk ruining your mise-en-place, then they’re very likely to have been bent, stretched, or twisted to the point that they don’t fit  ...or they won’t stay in place as you sweat over a hot stove, so you keep pushing them back up on your nose and … and they won’t stay in place so that you can both look through them to read, while peering over them to see how things are progressing on the other side of the kitchen, so you keep adjusting and coating them with flour or chicken yuck … right?

    No longer! All these issues go away with Chefspecs®!

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  3. Cool Tips

  4. Cool Tip: What to Drink while watching the Olympics

    With the Olympics in Rio just around the corner, a lot of our drinking attention will be focused on Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah), the national drink of Brazil.

  5. Cool Tip: Placement Matters

    Know how to read a recipe--this Cool Tip provides some good advice on interpreting reciipes.

  6. Cool Tip: Romance & Food

    There is a definite connection between romance & food, here's some information to help understand it...

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