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  • Manufacturer: The Cheese Knife

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  1. Cool Tools

  2. The Cheese Knife

    The Cheese Knife


    What’s wrong with this picture? It says it’s a knife, but it’s made of plastic. And real knives are made of steel (and ceramics), right?  Can this really be ‘THE’ Cheese Knife, to the exclusion of all others?  Maybe not.  Was I skeptical?  Yes.  But this IS a Cool Tool.  Seriously.

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  3. The Large Cheese Knife

    The Large Cheese Knife


    The original Cheese Knife was a great surprise for us … a very Cool Tool: beautiful mid-20th Century American industrial design, with a clean functional purpose, that performs its tasks really well.

    The original Cheese Knife was developed in the early 1940s to cut Velveeta - the designer/inventor’s favorite cheese product of that era - but it clearly belongs on any cheese plate. We use it a lot: to prepare a small dice (1/4”) or even a brunoise (1/8”) of mozzarella to sprinkle over fresh tomatoes or on top of pasta. It slices burrata into beautiful small creamy bites and it works really nicely for thin slices of Brie and other triple creme cheeses. But the original wasn’t quite large enough to make it through a good-sized block of cheese.

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  4. Cool Tips

  5. Cool Tip: What to Drink while watching the Olympics

    With the Olympics in Rio just around the corner, a lot of our drinking attention will be focused on Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah), the national drink of Brazil.

  6. Cool Tip: Placement Matters

    Know how to read a recipe--this Cool Tip provides some good advice on interpreting reciipes.

  7. Cool Tip: Romance & Food

    There is a definite connection between romance & food, here's some information to help understand it...

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