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  1. Cool Tools

  2. blomus

    blomus "Knik" Trivet


    Trivets are essential tools for handling or serving any hot dish, to protect your countertops or your dining table. If you have ever forgotten to use one, then you’ve never forgotten the damage a hot dish can do, especially to wood. Everybody has some sort of trivet, or maybe a few trivets, or maybe even a collection …but simple is better: “X” marks the spot, with the blomus® Knik™ Trivet.

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  3. blomus Basic Large Butter dish

    blomus Basic Large Butter dish


    There are “basics” in every kitchen: those tools that you always need, and use constantly. But often these are so simply utilitarian that they also are boring to look at: they perform their role, well enough, but they’re not particularly attractive. The Butter Dish is an excellent example of this quandary: it’s often a banal piece of molded plastic that came with your refrigerator …. But it doesn't have to be that way: as we know, function and design can be combined, and where possible, should be!

    And we’ve found an answer … the “Basic Butter Dish” from blomus (which is anything but basic)!

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  4. blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator

    blomus Delta Wine Carafe with Aerator


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    Special Price: $69.99

    Decanting wine is often necessary: whether the wine is young - when it will benefit from exposure to more air - or old, when filtering out sediment is essential. There are other tools that perform these technical tasks very well, like the Nuance Wine Finer. But there is an artistic dimension to enjoying wine that requires more elegant presentation, and for that we have wine carafes.

    The problem is that we may need to decant more frequently than we actually do, because ...well, sometimes it can be complicated. The “ritual” of opening and pouring and candling into a carafe requires extra equipment, in addition to the carafe, and so much attention to detail that sometimes it just seems inconvenient ...and so we don’t do it. And then we end up drinking young tight wine, or chewing on bits of cork or those globs of sediment hiding in the bottom of the glass as the last of the bottle approaches. Right? ... Wrong!

    In order to simplify this task, what we need is a multi-function single unit, combining the technical tools - the carafe, the filter, and the aerator - in one elegant package of glass and stainless steel. A piece of beautiful design, performing its functions in a highly efficient fashion. A Cool Tool.

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  5. Cool Tips

  6. Cool Tip: What to Drink while watching the Olympics

    With the Olympics in Rio just around the corner, a lot of our drinking attention will be focused on Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah), the national drink of Brazil.

  7. Cool Tip: Placement Matters

    Know how to read a recipe--this Cool Tip provides some good advice on interpreting reciipes.

  8. Cool Tip: Romance & Food

    There is a definite connection between romance & food, here's some information to help understand it...

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