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  1. Cool Tools

  2. Formaticum Cheese Bags

    Formaticum Cheese Wraps


    As we have often said, we love cheese, but sometimes we love it too much: we buy some beautiful cheese, and then we’re conflicted about “saving it for a special occasion” or not eating too much. Unlike our friends in France and Italy, cheese is not an every-night course. So we eat a little, and we save the rest for the next time … which usually isn’t tomorrow night …. And then we discover that it’s gone bad because we showed too much restraint and we waited too long to enjoy it!  There are solutions to this wastefulness: eat what we buy, don’t buy so much, or make fromage fort and enjoy the cheese slightly differently … but the real solution is how to prolong the life of the cheese, so that you can enjoy it with multiple meals and have it taste as good each time you open it, as it did the day you brought it home. We’ve tried everything: zip-lock bags, vacuum-sealed bags, parchment paper, wax paper, the paper the cheese came in, but nothing worked, until now.

    "If you're wrapping cheese in plastic, you're doing it wrong." Bon Appétit

    "Wrappng cheese in plastic is lactic murder." Details

    "Cheese lasts longer if stored in a breathable wrap instead of non-porous film." The San Francisco Chronicle

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