Charles Viancin Cabbage Colander

Why It's Cool: Drains great, rolls up for easy storage (and looks cool)

Colanders are a necessity in every kitchen … and the use of the plural form is intentional! But they take up so much storage space! The old-style metal versions, and even some of the newer versions in plastic or silicone, are just “too big” to go easily from sink or counter to the refrigerator, and they don’t stack conveniently, unless you have all the same models, and that almost never happens! And even the newest collapsible silicone models aren’t always the slimmest tools in your kitchen!

And all they do is simply “be a colander” … they only serve a single purpose and don’t always do that well. Does your model have holes in the bottom only? Or do the holes go all the way up the sides? Does it drain efficiently? Or does water collect in the bottom, even though it was supposed to drain out? Does it do its primary job well? And can you do anything else with it? And how much space does it take up?

Finally, we have a colander that answers all these questions, and more, in all the ways you would hope for … and of course it’s from Charles Viancin, whose designs are Inspired by Nature™ … this new design is no exception to his high standards of beauty and functionality.

We love Multi-Taskers that do more than thing well … not merely accidentally but design. And the “Cabbage” Colander is one of the most versatile multi-taskers we’ve encountered! First and foremost, it serves as a simple colander, resting stably on the “feet” created by the ribs of the cabbage leaves; the three handles allow a firm grasp for closing around, and shaking off the liquids from, the contents of the colander.  And it is highly efficient: the drain holes run almost all the way up the sides and there are even holes at the very bottom center of this Cabbage! It also serves as a steamer basket: simply place it into a medium sized pot and steam those vegetables or eggs! We’ve also used it as a microwave cover: simply invert over your container in the microwave and it allows steam to escape, while minimizing splatter. And we’ve seen pictures of the Cabbage Colander being used as a domed serving piece - we love creativity too! And unlike most colanders, it rolls up into a tidy package for convenient storage.

In short, this is a beautifully designed, highly functional piece of art from Charles Viancin … a very Cool Tool!


  • 10.5”/26.5cm diameter x 3.75”/9.5cm high
  • Rollup: 13”/33cm long x 3.5”/8.5cm wide
  • Food safe Silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
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