Charles Viancin Clover Silicone Lids and Bottle Stoppers

Why It's Cool: Use instead of plastic wrap for a better seal and greener kitchen...and it's a universal lid on the stove or in the oven or microwave.

Almost every Charles Viancin Design evokes a wonderful season or holiday … and so we’re excited to bring you the Clover … a symbol for St. Patrick’s Day, especially as it is celebrated here in the US. We have 4 products in this design - two for food and two for drinks: a seemingly appropriate 50/50 division for this holiday. These are lovely and effective tools, and make great gifts!

I’m pretty much a disaster when it comes to plastic wrap; it seems to stick to everything except the bowl I'm trying to cover.  And the green side of me hates to use it once and throw it away.

So what do you do when you need to cover something that’s in a bowl? The answer comes from a charming Frenchman named Charles Viancin. He’s taken his inspiration from nature and crafted beautiful products for the kitchen and tabletop. His Silicone Lids combine beauty and functionality. Just lay them on top of any clean smooth-rimmed bowl, push down, and voila! You have a seal that keeps your food fresh. When you need to get at the contents, you just lift the edge of the clover and it comes right off. Flip the lid over, and the ridges that make up the design provide the venting necessary in the microwave. It’s both reusable and dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. It works particularly well on our Nutted Wild Rice and Duck Salad, that needs to sit at room temperature for awhile so the flavors can meld.

Note: don’t carry your bowls by the top handle without a hand underneath (see photo) and, because the seal opens when you lift the edge of the lid, you need to give it adequate room if you put it in the refrigerator so it does not open accidentally.

The Wine Stoppers feature a corkscrew design that makes re-corking easy, which is important to assure that your gas preserver does not escape. They create a "waterproof” seal that minimizes the possibility of leakage and provides further protection against oxidation in the bottle. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, the tops of these stoppers are essentially flat, so, unlike the simple extracted cork or almost any those other stoppers, they do not create additional “headroom” that takes up space in your refrigerator or cooler.

Is it worth the space in your kitchen?  It takes up less room than a box of plastic wrap. These are the ultimate Cool Tools!


  • Comes in 3 sizes and a wonderful Wine Bottle Stopper: 
  • Large: 11 3/8"/29cm diameter
  • Medium: 9 7/8”/25cm diameter
  • XSmall (set of 2): 4 1/4"/10.8cm (we count this pair as 1 item)
  • FDA Food Grade Silicone Suction Lid & Food Cover
  • BPA-free
  • Seals Tight on all smooth rims: stainless steel, glass, plastic, melamine.
  • Prevents Spills: it creates an airtight, watertight seal for reheating and storing.
  • Saves on plastic wrap : it can be reused and reused and reused ….
  • Dishwasher Safe
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