Charles Viancin Sippers (Set of 4)

Why It's Cool: Protect your drink from bugs and debris while having easy access to drink it

The latest issue of Cooks’ Illustrated has a reader’s tip about using a paper muffin pan liner with a straw poked through to protect your drinks from bugs. While you’ve got to admire the McGyver creativity of this, we don’t always have muffin liners and straws lying around, I’ve never been able to successfully poke a straw through paper without bending the straw and tearing the paper, and it’s a single use, throw it away solution, which I try to avoid.

However, this does highlight a summer problem: bugs are as attracted to your drinks as you are. And debris just floats through the air, looking for someplace to land. So while we’re spending more time outside and enjoying beverages (adult or otherwise), there is a need for an elegant solution to keeping the bugs and debris out of your drink, while still allowing you to enjoy it easily. And we have one for you…

Charles Viancin, who came up with glass and cup covers that we love coasters that keep your drinks from sliding, as well as protecting your table and leaving the condensation on the coaster, rather than on your lap, has now turned his attention to the inside of the glass. The set of 4 Floral Cover Sippers is quite ingenious: each silicone cover has a tight-fitting hole to accommodate the matching silicone and plastic straw, which is adjustable - up to approximately 12”/30.5cm in height - to your glass - up to approximately 3½”/9cm in diameter. The entire straw assembly is reusable and dishwasher safe. As added features, the silicone lids act as insulators to keep your drink a little cooler, and the different designs allow you and your guests to recognize and grab your own drink. And, of course, because they’re from Charles Viancin, they are beautifully “inspired by nature”.

And because they’re from us, you know that they are Cool Tools! These are a must for outdoor entertaining, and make a great host gift!


  • Set of 4 silicone covers with 4 matching silicone and plastic straws
  • Free plastic tumbler with set
  • Dishwasher safe
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