Charles Viancin Suction Glass Markers

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Why It's Cool: Glass Markers work with stemless or stemmed wine glasses and cocktail glasses, and they stick until you choose to remove them

How many times are you at a party where you lose half a glass of wine because you put it down and then you have no idea which glass is yours! And if you’re the host, you are constantly providing more glasses for those guests who can’t recognize which glass is theirs.

There are lots of glass markers on the market, but we've been on the hunt for glass markers that work for stemless as well as stemmed wine glasses, and even for cocktail glasses. We also wanted ones that looked good and were easy to use. Not a lot to ask for, but surprisingly not easy to find. Well, we've finally found one we truly love!...

These handy (and so pretty) glass markers are from one of our favorite vendors: Charles Viancin! They are like miniature versions of his beautiful silicone lids, which stick to the side or base of your glass, and cling just the way they’re supposed to (you wouldn’t believe the number out there that don’t!)  It’s like pieces of jewelry for your glasses that are functional too!!! And they work on stemless wine glasses and cocktail glasses, as well as on stemmed wine glasses.

You won't believe how many compliments something so simple can get you--either when you use them for your guests or when you thoughtfully give them as a unique host gift! A truly beautiful Cool Tool!


  • 6 Glass Markers in a package (7 beautiful floral designs)
  • Sticks to any smooth surface
  • Approximately 1” in diameter
  • Soft, stretchable, washable, reusable
  • Food Grade Silicone
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