Chef'n Bramble Berry Basket

Why It's Cool: Traditional design in modern materials that provides great functionality that extends the life of your berries.

It’s going to be berry season soon (it may be already, in some parts of the country!), and whether you grow your own, or buy them from the local farmer’s market or grocery store, you’ll want to be prepared to enjoy those delicious gems for as long as possible.

But the problem always has been that the berries seem to spoil before you get a chance to finish them. (How many times have you reached into the refrigerator, eager to enjoy some sweet luscious berries, when you’re instead met by a molding mess?).  

We’ve published a Cool Tip about extending the mold-free life of berries, but we’ve still been in search of other solutions to this seasonal problem: how can you prolong the life of berries in your refrigerator? We’ve found a very useful Cool Tool to address this problem.

The bramble berry basket from Chef’n is an attractive, highly efficient and effective solution to your berry spoilage problem! It looks very much like the traditional 1-pint berry box, except that it’s executed in red, and comes fitted into a clear plastic base. The inner berry box serves several functions. First, it holds almost a pint of berries, just like that ‘almost a pint’ box you buy at the market. Second, unlike the box at the market, it is made of sturdy BPA Free materials that are dishwasher safe. Third, the combination of the inner and outer boxes serves first as a convenient way to soak your berries briefly in the vinegar/water solution recommended in the Cool Tip, and then as a colander for rinsing and draining your berries, and for shaking off accumulated condensate before each serving. In between, the inner box allows drainage into the clear bottom, keeping moisture away from the fruit and allowing those nasty ethylene gases to escape. Finally, after you’ve cleaned and rinsed your berries, the combination of the inner box and the clear bottom serves as a storage box, protecting the berries in the humidity-controlled crisper drawers in the bottom of your refrigerator. The top enables stackability, and it won’t disintegrate like the boxes from the market.

The bramble berry basket is a great combination of traditional design, reimagined in modern materials, that delivers better functionality than its forebears. Truly … a Cool Tool! You’ll want more than one in your kitchen, especially during the height of berry season. And if you give it to a friend, your gift will be remembered for seasons to come!


  • 4⅜”/11.1cm x 4⅜”/11.1cm x 3⅞”/9.8cm high with top or 3⅝”/9.2cm without top  
  • Cherry-red inner box with clear bottom and top
  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe (Top-rack)
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