Chef'n Large Juicester (Citrus Juicer)

Why It's Cool: Reams citrus to extract maximum juice, measures juice, strains out seeds, non-slip base

There are so many recipes that require just a little citrus to brighten the dish, and many of them require a specific measurement. While we love the Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer, using this to juice into a measuring cup is often too awkward. So we’ve tested a lot of small citrus juicers with measurements and good reamers, and we finally found one that we think is great.

The Chef’n Large Juicester has it all: starting at the bottom, it has a non-slip base, which is really important when you’re bearing down on a piece of citrus to extract the maximum amount of juice; it has a comfortable shape that is easy to hold while juicing; it has measurement markings that are easily readable in both standard and metric; and it’s the only juicer we found that has measurements as small as a teaspoon when you tilt the unit. Add all this to a dual strainer system (both when the juice goes in and when it comes out) and 2 reamers with enough definition to get the juice out of your citrus well, and you’ve got a very Cool Tool!.

We’ve also found that if we have some juice left in the measuring cup, we can use a Charles Viancin Wine Stopper as a cover to keep the juice fresher.

This small, but mighty, juicer has become one of our go-to Cool Tools because it works so well and gets the job done.


  • Easy grip body
  • Large and small contoured reamers
  • Dual strainer system
  • Measuring cup with standard and metric markings up to 1C, and 1t, 2t and 1T markings on the tilt
  • Non-slip base
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
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