Chef'n Twist 'n Sprout (Brussels Sprout Tool)

Why It's Cool: Makes the hard work of getting rid of the hard core easy!

Brussels sprouts--the new “it” vegetable, that people are using to make everything from little chunks of roasted goodness, to “slaw”-type salads, to hash, to ethereal sauteed leaves. It’s an extremely versatile little cabbage cousin.

But the one semi-downside of brussels sprouts is their sometimes bitter and always hard core: getting rid of that core is no easy feat. We’ve tried paring knives, but the obvious risk to fingers is always present. We tried a melon baller, but that just didn’t dig deeply enough. We even tried a strawberry huller, but that just wasn’t strong enough. So imagine our delight to find not only that Chef’n had tackled this problem, but that their solution works well!

The principal of the Chef’n Twist ‘n’ Sprout is that of a reverse pencil sharpener. Remember those?-] So after cutting off the bottom of each sprout, you put the point into the center of the sprout bottom and then just twist. The two blades remove layers of the inner core, while the point guides the blades so that they remain centered. What you’re left with is only the best part of the brussels sprouts. This process also makes it easier to remove the dirty outer leaves, and, if you want to make a dish like Brussels Sprouts Leaves Sauteed with Lemon and Pistachios, then the Twist ‘n’ Sprout is your tool: because it makes it so much easier to separate the leaves to make this light, airy and delicious dish.

Yes, this is the tool we’ve been looking for to make brussels sprout prep easier, and it works like a charm. It is definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 2½”/6.4cm diameter
  • 1¼”/3.2cm height                        
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Hand wash recommended (although we have cleaned it in the dishwasher top rack)   
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