Colbrook Kitchen QuickMix Mixing Jar (Egg, corn starch, ... everything mixer!)

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Why It's Cool: Great for beating one or two eggs or mixing cornstarch and water--it truly is a quick mix!

So how can an inexpensive piece of plastic be a Cool Tool?  I have to tell you...I love this thing.  It’s called a QuickMix, and that’s exactly what is does.  I use it at least 4 or 5 times a week, and if it’s in the dishwasher that hasn’t been run yet, I take it out and wash it by hand so I can use it immediately.  You may well ask “what does it do? ...And how does it work?”

It mixes things, most notably, we use it to mix 1-2 eggs for everything from our Dukan Galette to egg wash to paint the bread when I’m making challah, to small amounts of liquid and anything (e.g. flour, cornstarch, powder) that needs a good mix (think: no lumps in your gravy!). And, of course, it's great for making a vinaigrette. We also just figured out that if you put a hard cooked egg in the QuickMix, add a little water and shake it a few times, it will even peel your hard cooked egg! Once you try it, you'll be surprised how you ever got along without it.

This has ridges on the sides, and a few protrusions in the bottom and the cap, and they combine to really mix anything that’s put in it with a few shakes of the container.  We’ve had ours probably longer than we’ve been together, we throw it in the dishwasher (unless we have to wash by hand because we can’t wait for the dishwasher), and it still works as well as the day I bought it.


  • 4 ½” high X 3” wide
  • Top Shelf Dishwasher safe
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