Cooks Innovations Grill Mat (Set of 2)

Why It's Cool: Keep the grill marks; get rid of the mess!

Don’t you just hate it when your food sticks to the grill? We used to struggle with that, and sometimes leave chunks of food behind on the grill. That’s unfortunate on a couple of levels: it leaves a big mess to clean up and it deprives you of that good crunchy part of whatever you’re grilling. But grill pans don’t really seem to do the trick, and a piece of aluminum foil just won’t give you the great grill marks that every grill master is looking for. But there is a solution….

The Non-Stick Copper Grill & Bake Mats from Cooks Innovations keep your grill and oven spotless, while still giving you those much sought-after grill marks! Use them on the grill to keep smaller items from falling through the grates or to keep delicate items (like fish) from sticking. You can also use them to line your bakeware for an easy clean-up. Ideal for grills, toaster ovens, and conventional ovens. This means you can cook healthier, using less (or no) oils, butter or sprays to grease the surface.

And if you want to grill/braise your meat (to add the flavor of a sauce cooked with your meat, chicken or fish), you can do that right on this sheet. One of our favorite guilty pleasures is a grilled ‘halo’ cheese burger (with cheese that melts around, as well as on top of, the meat); this is the Cool Tool to use to do that!

So if you want to grill anything from eggs to vegetables to fish to bacon to sticky marinated food, then this is your answer: a true Cool Tool!


  • 100% Non-Stick
  • Size each (set of 2): 13" x 15.75"
  • Reusable & Reversible
  • Resizable (Cut to Fit)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy Clean Up
  • BPA and PFOA free
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