Camerons Tortilla Warmer

Why It's Cool: Warms tortillas in the microwave in 45 seconds...keeps them warm and soft for an hour

With the recent rush away from glutens, we have been looking for appetizing alternatives to wrap our food for easy eating.  We love a nice warm corn tortilla; our favorite filling is Carnitas topped with Pico de Gallo and other traditional accompaniments, but there are so many choices: both traditional and adventurous. This does, however, present a couple of challenges. First, how do you warm the tortillas? And then how do you keep them warm, especially for a crowd? Many approaches to these issues have been less than satisfactory, until now.

The Tortilla Warmer from Camerons Products is the answer. It’s unbelievably simple to use! And it really works! First, place a quantity of tortillas - your choice of size or main ingredient into the Warmer. Then put the filled Warmer into your microwave and, based upon the quantity you’ve inserted and your individual Microwave, run it for 15-60 seconds. Then remove the Warmer from the Microwave and serve, carefully, because it is now full of steamy warm tortillas,that will stay warm and soft in the Warmer for an hour or more. You’ll run out before the first batch gets cold! It truly is that simple! And in case you forget any of this, the instructions for use and care are conveniently printed on the back side!

Offered with an attractive “Ristra” design - the traditional “Chile Wreath” - the Tortilla Warmer is truly a Cool Tool: well designed and highly functional for its purpose, it will have an important role in all your Mexican meals, on Cinco de Mayo and all year round.


  • 11.5” inside diameter
  • 100% Polyester Outside Shell
  • High Temp Food Grade Plastic Liner inside Cloth
  • Hand or Machine Wash; Air Dry
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