Kuchenprofi Tweezer Tongs

Why It's Cool: For precision cooking and plating with style

We’ve all learned the benefits of cooking with tongs: lifting instead of scraping, not piercing the seared surface of your food, and better control, both in and coming out of the pan, or on and off the grill.

But sometimes standard tongs are too much for the task: metal tongs will scrape your nonstick surface (but you can get silicone-tipped tongs to solve that problem) and the business end of standard tongs sometimes can be too large for detailed tasks, like turning bacon evenly in a pan or on a rack, ensuring even cooking and distribution of solids in a pot of broth-intensive soup, or plating your food to show some style.

It’s in situations like these that you need Fine Tongs - aka Kitchen Tweezers. And the more we work with these fine tongs, the more uses we find for them, and wonder how we ever got along without them for so long.

We tested a number of these tweezer tongs, with - surprisingly - widely differing results. All were about the same length and weight, but they differed in the width of the “open” position and in several factors relating to ease of operation, especially the size of the grip point and the flexibility or “springiness” of the tool.

The Tweezer Tongs by Kuchenprofi are “just right”: they open wide, but not too wide, and are responsive to the pressure of your grip. They have ridged edges inside the last 1¼”/3cm of the tips to assist in a firmer grip on your food, and lightly knurled edges on the handle to ensure a good grip. They can be used like most tongs - with your hand on top, but also like chopsticks - resting in the crook between your thumb and index finger. In either grip, these stainless steel beauties operate like extensions of your fingers, which is how we’d all like to cook more often, except for the burned fingertips!

Excellent design, highly functional in use, beautiful to behold, and takes up minimal space in your drawer … a very Cool Tool!


  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • 12”/30.5cm long x ½”/1¼cm wide at handle
  • 1½”/ 3¾cm wide at the open end of the tongs
  • 3”/7.5cm of knurled grip on each handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
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