Mastrad Mesh Infuser

Why It's Cool: Loose tea infuser ...or powdered sugar sifter … small and very efficient multi-tasker!

Riddle:  When is a tea infuser way, way more than a tea infuser? When it comes from the clever folks at Mastrad!

First, it is a great tea infuser: opens wide to pick up your tea, closes firmly so no tea escapes while you’re seeping, and then, because it has a soft silicone side, when you remove it from your tea cup, you can push on the silicone side and extract the last drop of flavor (rather than shaking your infuser over your cup and making a mess--at least I used to!)

Second, it’s also a great herb infuser that you can use to swish through your soups and stews and then remove cleanly, once again wringing out the last bit of flavor by pressing on the silicone side.

But third, and this may be the most unique application, it’s a great ground spice, powdered sugar or cocoa dispenser! If you’ve ever had to sprinkle any of these evenly over the surface of a food or drink, you know it often can be a challenge. I used to use a small strainer, but while I was filling it, a lot of the contents would leak out in one spot. With this handy Cool Tool, just fill it with the silicone side down, let it close, then flip it over and shake it gently over your food. Presto: even distribution, with no more clumps!

It’s cool, it’s convenient, it’s a brilliant multi-tasker at a great price--yes it is truly a Cool Tool!


  • Stainless steel mesh and silicone
  • Fine mesh, for infusing all types of tea and for scooping & sprinkling ground spices, powdered sugars or cocoa
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous
  • Dishwasher safe
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