Cuisipro Peelers

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Why It's Cool: Ergonomic handle and balanced weight, along with wicked sharp blades make peeling chores easy

Every kitchen needs a peeler … or two. This most basic kitchen tool performs so many functions: from peeling potatoes, carrots or beets, to cleaning knobs or ginger or jerusalem artichokes, to making long slices of zucchini and other squashes for “vegetarian lasagna” … these are essential tools, for every kitchen. And whether you were taught as a youth to use the classic swivel peeler, or learned (later, in my case!) the efficiencies of the “Y” peeler, you know that you need these tools in your kitchen.

But so many of the peelers we’ve used are simply lightweight, pot-metal junk … they quickly get dull and inefficient, and they rust or otherwise deteriorate, but you don’t discard them quickly enough because, after all, they’re just peelers ...right? ...well, WRONG!

The folks at Cuisipro have developed an excellent collection of peelers, and we think you need one or more of these in your kitchen! These peelers are distinguished from every other peeler you’ve ever held, with an exceptionally well-balanced, ergonomic, non-slip textured nylon handle - with weight that provides leverage and makes their use a pleasure to experience! Simply hefting these peelers will let you know that these are well-designed, highly effective … Cool Tools! And when you put them to work, that first impression will be confirmed by their use and output.

Their zinc alloy head adds just the right amount of weight to the “working end” of the peeler, and the super sharp carbon steel blades cut precisely, like a good knife. Whether you prefer the classic “Swivel” peeler - the ‘straight’ peeler I grew up with - or the “Y” peeler that I later learned to use to great results, in a Michelin-starred restaurant kitchen, each of these peelers is highly effective, comfortable to use (especially important in those detailed, repetitive tasks where peelers play an important role!), and easy to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher.

Great design, exceptional functionality, beautiful and easy to use … these are definitely Cool Tools!


  • Super sharp carbon steel blades
  • Ergonomic textured nylon handles
  • Excellent weight and balance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Swivel Peeler: 8½”/21.5cm length
  • Y Peeler: 7¼”/18.5cm length
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