Cuisipro Silicone Wok Turner

Why It's Cool: An old world tool reimagined in modern materials with great functionality!

We love using a wok turner: the broad-blade with slightly raised sides allows you to handle more ingredients faster, which is important in the high-heat environment in which it’s designed to operate. But it’s not just for stir-fry - think about almost anything you cook in a pan - you want to have the advantage of its broader blade, to accomplish the necessary flipping and turning motion, before ingredients stick or burn. This is why a wok turner can be a Cool Tool. But why this wok turner?

If you’re using a non-stick pan, then you can’t use a traditional steel wok turner. And most of the non-metal wok turners we’ve seen and tested are either too stiff or too thick and don’t have the flexibility, strength and nimbleness to do the job.

But when our supplier discontinued our previous favorite, we were upset, and we had to renew our search for the ‘right’ non-stick wok turner … one that would assure control with flexibility, and not scratch your nonstick surface. The Silicone Wok Turner from Cuisipro meets all those requirements, and more!

This is one of the best-designed silicone cooking tools we’ve seen, period: wok turner or otherwise. Its design combines the necessary flexibility with the appropriate leverage to stir and turn quickly, and to lift larger quantities of ingredients, in your wok or other large diameter pan. It shares a number of common design elements with the Cuisipro Silicone Spoon, Silicone Slotted Spoon and Silicone Ladle: the gracefully curved stainless steel handle, with its flat end (incorporating a large hanging hole), ensures stability on the counter or in your spoon rest. Compared to our previous offering, it has a slightly larger blade - reinforced with a steel interior - and a shorter handle, that all comes together in an excellent tool.

It hugs the sides of your wok or other pan closely and smoothly to assure an excellent cooking result: nothing on the sides of your pan will escape the higher edges of this Wok Turner, moving the fried bits - and even the sauce! - quickly and smoothly back into the mixture. It is highly heat resistant and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Simply put: it does all it’s supposed to do, and very well!

This Silicone Wok Turner is a classic design, executed in modern materials, that puts the benefits of both in your hand: the time-tested shape of the blade, with its sharp front edge that will respect your non-stick surfaces, combined with the backup strength of a well-designed stainless steel handle, makes this a very Cool Tool. And the red blade and handle tip will add cheery details to your kitchen! 


  • BPA-free Silicone Blade, with steel interior for strength and rigidity
  • 18/8 Brushed Stainless Steel handle with Silicone tip and hanging hole
  • 12½”/32cm overall length
  • Blade 4”/10cm wide x 4”/10cm deep
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant (572F/300C)
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
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