Cuisipro Silicone Slotted Spoon

Why It's Cool: Heat resistant, beveled edge to get into corners, deep bowl is perfect for retrieving all kinds of food.

It's rare that I go ga-ga over something as simple as a slotted spoon, but in this case, this spoon is sooo well designed, my reaction is justified. We’ve all used a lot of slotted spoons over the years, and they’re very useful for removing medium-sized solids and leaving the liquid behind. But most slotted spoons are nothing more than that: they’re either nylon with little heat resistance or steel with too much heat transference, and they’re often broad or sort of flat so that they don’t fit well into small spaces or corners.

Enter the Silicone Slotted Spoon from Cuisipro...

First, it looks cool: red silicone and stainless steel with a very sleek shape and an ergonomically comfortable curved handle that makes it more stable in a pot or in your spoon rest. Next, the deep elongated bowl is the perfect size and shape to get into tight spaces (we love this spoon for retrieving and draining poached eggs out of a muffin pan...See Cool Tip: Poached Eggs for a Crowd). The hole pattern makes it very effective to drain anything you pick up. And finally it has a beveled edge that really makes it much easier to get into the corners of pots and pans to remove all the food.

Yes, even a humble slotted spoon, if it’s well-made and well-designed, can be a Cool Tool...and this one is.


  • Ergonomic curved handle for comfortable grip and easy pick up
  • 12”/30.5cm total length with a 4”/10cm bowl
  • High-heat resistance (up to 572F/300C)
  • Non-stick silicone makes these easy to clean and won’t scratch your non-stick pans
  • Dishwasher safe
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