Cuisipro V-Graters

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Why It's Cool: Great design, both visually and functionally, to deliver an easy effective grating solution

We’ve discussed the advantages of Cuisipro Graters, and then they went on to expand the line! The utilitarian box grater has its place in the kitchen: grating quantities to be added later. But there are times when you want a specific tool for the grated material … or maybe you want to offer each guest the ability to control the  amount of grated product (I like a lot of cheese on my Caesar Salad, but Piper likes a little less!) … or maybe you will want to add a performing touch of grating at the table, like most waiters in Italian restaurants. Or maybe you just want a grater that is so cool to look at or feels so good to hold or works so well or is so easy to use, that it puts all other graters to shame!

Enter the V Graters, from Cuisipro!

We are offering 2 models:  a Small Shaver Rasp and a Dual Grater, with both Coarse and Fine Rasps combined into one tool.

The Shaver Rasp has a unique - and lovely! - stainless steel handle, reminiscent of early 20th Century designs seen in everything from the knurled knobs on electronics to fine writing instruments, and even weapons. The handle is beautiful, well-balanced, and sized appropriately for comfortable and effective use. The other end of the Rasp (and both ends of the Dual Grater) features a non-slip silicone band for stability. And both models have a protective cover for safe storage that can be put on the underside to double as a catch basin and measuring cup. Seeing and holding these graters is enough to make you want them!

But the important part of these graters is the blades. Cuisipro’s patented Surface Glide Technology™ is an etched - not stamped - pattern of ‘repeated grooves’ across the face of the grater. These grooves provide two benefits over traditional grater designs. First, they reduce resistance, making the grating task easier to perform, more quickly, and with less physical effort.  But second, and more importantly, the grooves also elongate the cutting surface of each blade, bringing more food in contact with the blades on each stroke: yielding more ‘gratings’ per stroke. The blades are mounted in a V-shape - a slight arc - which enhances the Surface Glide Technology and, in combination, delivers an easier, more efficient grating process, with more consistent, attractive results. Finally, each comes with a plastic cover that can act as a measuring device in use and enables safe storage in your drawer.

The Small Shaver Rasp is ideal for creating those broad wafer-size slices of chocolate or Parmesan cheese. And the Dual Grater is an ideal combination of the Fine and Coarse rasps for convenience and space-saving. Each of these graters is made of 304/18/8 stainless steel, feature patented technology at their core, and are designed for a long and useful life in your kitchen. Great design, and excellent functionality … each is a very Cool Tool!


  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicone nonslip tip
  • Overall length: 13”/33cm
  • Handle Length: 5”/13
  • Thickness: ~¾ “/2cm
  • 25 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Dishwasher safe, although hand wash preferred
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