RSVP Endurance Oil Decanter

Why It's Cool: Great way to store and serve olive oil; stainless steel body protects oil from the light

We all probably have one - or maybe more - favorite cooking oil ...the ‘go-to’ oil for daily use. And we probably buy it in large quantities in containers that don’t fit in our cabinets, don’t look good on our countertop, or are unwieldy to handle.  And sometimes the stored oil gets stale before it’s used up. Right? So how do we overcome these issues? Enter the Endurance® Oil Decanter from RSVP.

This stainless steel and black rubber beauty - looking not unlike the amphorae that ancient Greeks used to store and ship their oils - addresses all these issues.  It holds up to 10 ounces of oil, allowing you to pour-off only part of that larger container, in order to preserve the freshness of all your oil longer. The top is very snug and the dripless pour spout comes with a cap to seal off the Canister, again to insure freshness for as long as possible. The black rubber handle assures a firm grip and the graceful pour spout - with a 3/16” inside diameter - assures a very controlled pour, in order to use no more oil than you want or need in your pan or on your salad.

So pour just enough oil from that big ugly container into this beautiful Decanter, keep the “back stock” fresher for a longer period, and make this classical design - with no brands or labels to betray your cooking secrets - an attractive and practical part of your everyday kitchen.

Classic design, excellent functionality, and an effective hedge against losses in the oil markets … a very Cool Tool!

Note: The manufacturer has discontinued this product, and we have only 1 left!


  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Black rubber handle, base and pour spout cap
  • 10 oz. capacity
  • 8.5” tall
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