Erik Bagger Appetizer Knife

Why It's Cool: Pure Scandinavian design: embodying both form and function in an elegant, simple piece

When you’re serving appetizers, there is a special niche of tool - between a sharp paring knife and a blunt spatula - that makes the tasks of portioning and spreading ingredients easier and more controllable. Whether you perform these tasks yourself - think about spreading a cheesy mixture onto small baguette slices before broiling to make a ‘hot bruschetta’ - or offering a slice of rustic paté for guests to prepare their own portion onto crackers - some like more or less than others - you need an appropriate serving piece to perform these tasks with care and attention.

Erik Bagger has developed the piece you need: a polished stainless steel knife, serrated on one edge of the blade for convenient cutting through semi-soft cheeses and paté and a broad enough blade for easy spreading. The “Harmony” Appetizer Knife by Erik Bagger also features a 4¾”/12cm handle, that provides adequate leverage and size for effective and comfortable use. The Appetizer Knife, marked “eb denmark”, is timeless, pure Scandinavian design: embodying both form and function in an elegant, simple piece.

Erik Bagger was originally a goldsmith and, after finishing his apprenticeship, he was employed by Georg Jensen, one of the leading figures in 20th Century Scandinavian design. Like Jensen, Erik Bagger has a keen sense of detail and simplicity, which is still characteristic in his designs today.

The Appetizer Knife from Erik Bagger is the essence of a Cool Tool: an exquisite example of 20th Century Danish design … highly functional, with simple, elegant design! This is a highly useful Tool that makes a tasteful statement for serving your guests, as well as a long-remembered house gift for your next hosts!


  • 7⅞”/20cm overall length
  • Satin Polished Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe

Quantities limited! Order soon!

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