Evo Oil or Vinegar Sprayer

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Why It's Cool: Sprays a fine fan-shaped mist of oil or vinegar without propellants or pumping

How do you get just the right amount of olive oil on...everything? Olive oil is one of those tough things to spray because it can clog ordinary sprayers. And cookware manufacturers warn against using aerosols on cookware because the propellants are flammable and can leave an almost permanent film on the surface (and if does that to cookware, what is it doing to your stomach?)

But the idea of spraying a thin film of oil is very appealing, because it cuts down the amount of fat in your diet while providing great even coverage. So there are two basic types of sprayers, and we like them both. One is the Ad Hoc Tutto, which is a beautiful pump-style sprayer. But sometimes you want more coverage than the pump sprayer will give you without an arm workout. In that case you want the award winning Evo Trigger Sprayer, designed by Michael Graves and winner of the 2014 International Housewares Association Innovation Award.

The Evo sprayer is amazing: a full spray equals about ¼ of a teaspoon. And all you need to do to get that is to pull the trigger firmly: the aerosol-free mechanism provides the “propellant” to make a fine fan-shaped spray. And despite the play on words, the EVO is not just for olive oil: you can choose and use it with almost any cooking oil or vinegar. So buy in bulk, use the Evo, and save costs and calories!

And now the Evo comes in 2 sizes: a single 18 ounce bottle or a pair of 8 ounce bottles

The Evo has several unique design details (and you know how we love good design!):

  • The bottle is made of tinted BPA-free plastic to protect your oil from exposure to sunlight.

  • The shape of the bottle, neck and trigger are all designed to be ergonomically comfortable.

  • The 18-ounce Evo comes with a handy funnel that screws securely onto the bottle, which makes refilling easy. The funnel has a clever molded spout, so that if you overfill Evo, it's easy to pour some oil back into the bulk oil bottle or jug. And the funnel has a molded hook so that you can hang it on the neck of the bottle : no searching around for the funnel when you’re ready to refill your Evo!

  • The 18-ounce  Evo even comes with pre-printed rubber band labels to identify what’s in the bottle.

So use Evo to spray your cooking surface, your flatbread for pizza, your Skinny Almonds, your Roast Chicken, your Kale Chips, or just about anything where you need a fine spray of oil or vinegar. We have 2 in use in our kitchen: so convenient and effective! Award-winning design, with excellent functionality - this is a truly Cool Tool!


  • 18 ounce bottle:
    • 9”/23cm high - fits conveniently in your cabinet or pantry
    • 5”/13cm x 3½”/9cm bottle, at base
    • 18 ounces/53cL capacity
    • 3 Reversible Bands to identify various oil and vinegar contents
  • Pair of 8 ounce bottles:
    • 6.5”/16.5cm tall x 4”/10cm wide
    • 8 ounces/24cL capacity
  • Latex, BPA and DEHP-free
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