Final Touch Fill & Store

Why It's Cool: Like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!

There is a category of tools that we call the Slap-My-Forehead,-Why-Didn’t-I-Think-of-That tools. These are the tools that solve real problems in a very clever way, and which, if we’d thought about it, we should have thought of it. When we encounter one of these, we get both excited (someone solved a problem) and depressed (why didn’t we think of that?) at the same time. Well, here’s another one of those!

Problem: you want to store something - stews, soups, sauces, etc. - in a zippered plastic bag so that it takes up less room, you want to store or  freeze it fairly flat, and you can portion it in accessible-sized portions for later use. But trying to put almost anything in a plastic bag requires at least 3, and sometimes 4, hands: 2 to hold the bag open and 1-2 more to pour or ladle the contents into the bag. And since most of us come equipped with only 2, and even if you have a spare pair you can borrow (a willing and helpful spouse, child or friend), the coordination of efforts can be challenging.

Not any more!!

The Final Touch Fill & Store was invented by a Cordon Bleu chef and it’s like having a sous chef with an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. You simply position the Fill & Store over a deep bowl or pot, lock the storage bag in place with the cleverly-designed lock ring, and you’re ready to go. Not only does it hold almost any type of plastic bag - resealable or not - open so that it’s easy to fill, but it also holds the bag firmly in an upright position so that it doesn’t collapse under the weight of the filling (we’ve all been there… and it’s a mess!) It works with most sizes and brands of zippered plastic bags. And it can be used also to fill piping bags, which are notoriously difficult to fill without creating a mess: another kitchen problem solved! In short, the Fill & Store is a ruggedly designed, compact tool that is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and stores flat (maybe under your sink or in the side of a cupboard or drawer) when not in use. In short, this is a perfect solution for bagging hard-to-store soups, stews, pastas, sauces, snacks & much more!

So, a simple idea, well executed, that solves a problem and doesn’t cost too much or take up too much space… in short: a Cool Tool!


  • Product dimensions: 4.75" W x 12.25" H (12cm W x 31cm H)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Canada
  • Patent pending
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