Fox Run French Fry Pan

Why It's Cool: Non-stick surface and air holes make this your go to pan for crispy baking

We all love French Fries … even in the bad ole days of “Freedom Fries”, nobody in the world didn’t want some Frites with some meal … right? Fish & Chips, Steak Frites, Friet Speciaal, Moules Frites - does this sound like a World Cup bracket? You bet! Whatever you call them, everybody, everywhere, wants some.

But almost everyone also wants less fat in their fries … McDonald’s and Burger King have been engaged in a “mine are lower fat than yours” war for almost a year and even processed food makers are offering low fat/no-trans-fat “French Fries” for home consumption. The best food is unprocessed food - in our opinion! SO, what to do, when you crave what Potato Business calls that  “restaurant fry experience without the guilt” …? Deep fat fryers at home present the same issues as restaurant fries: they cook evenly all around, but you’re still left with a slightly greasy dish that has too much fat. What to do?

Do Oven Fries! But do them in a new way to do them better...

Use the French Fry Pan from Fox Run. Instead of the traditional method of cooking on a solid sheet pan and hoping that you can shake or turn the potatoes often enough to get some sort of even cooking, we prefer to spray the potatoes with a small amount of olive oil and use the French Fry Pan. This unique design has a non-stick surface and borrows its design from perforated baking sheets, intended to allow heat to flow evenly around all sides of the product and to allow moisture to escape. The perforations, set into multiple elevated mounds along the length of the pan and across the back of the pan to allow for airflow in all directions, assure even browning and crispiness, without the need for excess oil. In short, you are cooking your potatoes on almost all sides at once, just like the deep fryer in the restaurant! And the unique shape of the French Fry Pan funnels the french fries from the Pan to a serving dish, so you can enjoy them while they’re hot!

Our garden yielded an abundance of potatoes this past season and we love basic oven french fries! Our Chili Sweet Potato Fries also are delicious. And we love how we can do a convenient Flatbread Pizza in just a few minutes, using the French Fry Pan from Fox Run.

As always, know your oven’s real temperatures, as “results will vary” in time to doneness. But this is really good design with highly functional effectiveness: definitely a Cool Tool!


  • Carbon Steel with a premium non-stick finish
  • Measures 13¼"/34cm x 15¼"/39cm x 1"/2.5cm
  • Use for baking other small baked items/hors d’oeuvres
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