Fox Run Outset Wood Chip Soaker

Why It's Cool: Easily and thoroughly soaks your wood chips for smoking without mess or waste.

Regardless of your preferred smoking flavors - driven in no small part by your geographic origin and your food preferences, the common denominator is that your chips need to be soaked before use … after all, we’re not putting firewood into the mix: it’s smoke that we want to include in our grilling exercise.

Soaking is easy … throw some chips in a bucket and wait awhile. Yes, but … the simplest approach creates a number of issues: wasting and contaminating too much water, a messy sloppy bucket, floating chips that don't get uniformly soaked, etc. … a mixed bag of inefficient, and somewhat messy, unintended, and unnecessary, consequences.

But no more!

The Wood Chip Soaker from Fox Run Outset is a very useful tool for organizing your smoking chips … simply place your chips in the Soaker, screw down the lid, fill with water, let soak for 2 hours or more, dump the water out through the holes at the top, unscrew the lid and … presto! You’ve got soaked chips!

When you fill the water, you’re not wasting an entire bucket. The screw-down lid keeps all your chips submerged, instead of floating, for thorough soaking. And when you drain the water, you don’t lose any of your soaked chips. Put the soaked chips in your smoker box, and you’re … smokin!

Simple innovative design, with excellent functionality … definitely a Cool Tool!


  • ABS/Polypropylene
  • 6”/15.25cm height
  • 7”/17.75cm diameter with handle
  • 48oz/142cL capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
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