Franmara 4-Piece Cheese Service Set

Why It's Cool: Beautiful, sleek cheese set that addresses all your cheese serving needs

There’s an old saw about having the right tool for the job. This is particularly true with cheese, because there are so many different textures and consistencies that one size just doesn’t “fit all”. That’s why we were so excited when we found the Cheese Service Set from Franmara. This is a sleek, beautifully designed 4-piece cheese set that addresses everything - from a soft spreadable brie, through great manchego, all the way to a hard parmesan -  with ease and style.

These 4 pieces share a common handle design that fits comfortably in your hand (regardless of size). The rounded top enables the leverage you need to cut cleanly and the flat bottom of the handle keeps the cutting edge vertical to the platter, so that any residual cheese left on the blade won’t stick to the platter.

The 4 pieces fit each of the general types of cheese you will want to serve; see our Cool Tip on The Cheese Course

  • the Spreader features a sharp blade and point, designed to cut and slice a broad range of cheeses: from soft rinds like brie and double or triple cremes that may leave behind some residual on the knife blade, to medium firm/semi-hard cheeses or ‘boxed’ cheeses that mature from firm to really soft, like Epoisses!

  • the Pointed Slicer - probably the most familiar and multi-faceted form of cheese knife, intended for slicing a variety semi-soft - firm cheeses - like Swiss, Cheddar, Manchego, Gruyere, etc. - and using the fork-like tip to pick-up the cut portions for tasting with your favorite beard or cracker.

  • the Open-work Blade Knife - intended to be pushed through hard cheeses like Parmesan, Aged Gouda or Asiago: the open-work lets the cheese piece fall away - 

  • the Cheese Fork - to be used either for holding a block of cheese firmly in place for cutting with any of the other tools, or simply for picking-up already cut morsels.

These 4 individual knives come in an individually-indented storage box - that also makes a great gift presentation! And they are dishwasher safe for thorough cleanup.

In short, the 4-piece Cheese Service Set from Franmara will meet all your requirements for a complete complement of cheese tools … beautiful design for your table and highly functional for your service … and a great gift for your cheese-loving friends and hosts! In short, this is a very Cool Tool!


  • Storage Box: 9”/23cm x7⅛”/18cm x 1⅝”/ 4cm
  • Each piece: 7”- 7½” long x 1”/2.5cm blade width x 1”/2.5cm at widest point of handle 
  • Stainless Steel
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