Franmara Dynamo Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew (Wine Opener)

Why It's Cool: Take the stress out of opening a bottle of wine--and look very cool doing it!

Love wine? So do we, but opening a bottle of wine, can sometimes be challenging. Whether it’s centering the corkscrew on the cork or a result of repetitive stress injuries - or just plain arthritis - from our everyday use of keyboards and such, the twisting motions of opening a bottle of wine can be aggravating or painful. And sometimes, you just want a fast, easy and accurate solution for opening a bottle of wine! to the rescue! With simple thumb-activated “Up” and “Down” buttons, the Dynamo Electric Corkscrew easily opens a wide range of ‘corks’: from increasingly rare natural cork, to a wide range of composite materials formed to resemble classic ‘corks’, the Dynamo is up to simplifying the task!

When you push the “Down’ button, the incandescent blue light illuminates the insertion of the coated spiral ‘worm’ into the cork, as the spring-loaded collar retracts the cork from the bottle. Then, in reverse, the “Up’ arrow ejects the cork from the worm. Super simple! Powerful! Quiet! Quick! And the manufacturer rates a single charge sufficient to open up to 40 bottles, so it will ‘get the job done’ for almost any occasion! 

The cylindrical Corkscrew rests on its Recharging Stand - on your counter or in your cabinet or wine cellar - together with a companion Foil Cutter, that is also attractive and well-designed - with rubber finger grips and the right amount of flexibility and sharpness - to perform its preliminary task better than most. The Stand also features a UL-Approved Adapter, to assure easy charging from a standard two-prong wall plug.

The Dynamo Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew is well-designed and performs very well, simplifying its task, and minimizing the discomfort of opening a wine bottle! When that becomes a problem, life needs a solution it is!

FACTS [all measurements approximate]:

  • Base: 3½” x 5” x 1¼” - 9cm x 12.7cm x 3.2cm
  • Corkscrew : 9¾” x 2” diameter - 24.75cm x 5cm diameter
  • Overall Height: 10½” - 26.67cm
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