fusionbrands Mushroom (and other vegetables) Cloth

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Why It's Cool: Bacteria resistant Silicone cleans tender mushrooms and tougher vegetables and citrus like a champ!

So we’ve always been cautioned about not putting mushrooms under running water...they soak it up like crazy and then don’t really brown nicely because they’re water logged. But mushrooms grow in dark dank places, so you really do want to clean them before you cook them.

The most effective thing we’ve found to do that is a wonderful Silicone Mushroom Cloth from the clever folks at fusionbrands. It’s made of BPA-free silicone to make it both non-porous and resistant to bacteria. And it has 2 sides with two different textures. Side 1 features bristles to get in and around your mushrooms and clean out and off the dirt without damaging their tender surface. Side 2 has a wave-like texture, to clean firmer mushrooms and harder skinned vegetables and citrus. Its small form factor and silicone material allows it to remain flexible and contour itself to the shape of your hand, enabling a highly effective, but still gentle, scrubbing: like using your fingertips, with a soft silicone skin.

The Silicone Mushroom Cloth from fusionbrands is small, somewhat humble, and inexpensive, combining clever design with excellent functionality: the very essence of a Cool Tool!


  • 2.5"/6.35cm square, 3/4"/1.9cm thick
  • Food-safe BPA-free silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
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