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Why It's Cool: Easiest, cleanest way to spread butter on almost anything.

There are so many dishes that call for melting butter in a pan, or rubbing butter in a baking dish or simply buttering some warm bread, waffles, pancakes, corn or... And our Gluten-free Lemon Parmesan Popover recipe calls for taking a fresh stick of butter and rubbing inside each cup of the popover pan to give it a light even coating of butter. Of course you can try to do this using the butter wrapper to hold your butter, and then try to re-wrap the butter after you use it to return it to the fridge--but there is an easier way…

The ButterEasy from fusionbrands is just that...an easier way to butter… just about anything!

It comes in 3 dishwasher safe silicone parts:

  1. A sleeve to hold about half a stick of butter. The sleeve rolls down to expose just the amount of butter you need, while allowing you easily to hold the stick by the remaining silicone. The sleeve then rolls back up to cover your butter completely so that you can store it in the refrigerator,

  2. A cap for the butter sleeve that acts as a convenient base for the butter stick when you’re using it outside of the refrigerator and then covers the butter when it’s stored in the refrigerator, and

  3. A second cap to put on the remainder of the stick of butter that didn’t go into the sleeve (useful when you want to use the measurements on the side of the wrapper.)

ButterEasy makes it easy to pick up a stick of butter, use only what you need, and then store it neatly in the fridge. It’s the simplest way to butter a pan and avoid using utensils that might scratch or sprays that build up over time. And it’s easy and fun for kids to use to butter their own toast, English muffins, pancakes or waffles.

This little tool will live in your refrigerator and takes up no more room than the butter it covers, but it is a marvel of efficiency...and therefore a very Cool Tool!


  • Dimension 2.75"/7cm L x 2.75"/7cm W x 3.375"/8.6cm H
  • Food Safe BPA Free Silicone
  • HIgh heat resistant: 450ºF/232C
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Designed for long narrow stick of butter (you can cut other sizes to fit)
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