fusionbrands CitrusZipper

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Why It's Cool: Everything you can do with a citrus (except juice it) in one compact Cool Tool!

IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion) nothing brings a dish alive better than a touch of citrus: either from juice, or zest, or, very often both. And almost every cocktail (from a martini, to an old fashioned, to a cosmopolitan) benefits from a little citrus. That’s why we are always on the look-out for great citrus tools that make adding (or accessing--see the part of this tool that helps you peel an orange) fresh citrus that much easier. And we’ve found one that is compact (only a little larger than a stick of gum), effective (we were wowed by how it accomplished each of its tasks), and very reasonably priced!

The fusionbrands CitrusZipper looks pretty innocuous, but it is a powerhouse in the kitchen or at the bar! It makes 2 sizes of zest: an individual strip or 4 smaller strips to brighten any dish. And it makes the easiest broader citrus twists: to rim a glass or float in a cocktail.

One of the greatest sensory pleasures in the world is the smell of citrus oil, wafting through the air, often resulting from an orange or other citrus being peeled by a person seated nearby. Now, with the fusionbrands CitrusZipper, it’s easy to create and enjoy this sensation (and add it to your dish or cocktail!) and consume the underlying fruit as well!

This is a compact, reasonably-priced tool is essential for the kitchen and/or bar (get 2!); it is the very definition of a Cool Tool!


  • One tool embodies 3 in 1: small and large size zesters, and peel
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • 4.5”/11.5cm X 1”/2.5cm
  • Dishwasher safe
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