fusionbrands GoHook

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Why It's Cool: Hooks on to anything...holds everything!

Ever wish you had a third hand? … Something close to you that you can use to hold onto something you need on a moment’s notice. Maybe it’s a dish towel in the kitchen, or a baby’s burping cloth, or maybe it’s a hat you don’t want to wear right now, but may need sooner or later. There are countless reasons for a third hand, but nature didn’t provide us one. That’s why we were so excited to discover that fusionbrands did!

The fusionbrands GoHook is like having a third hand. It has a hook at one end and 2 embedded magnets facing each other to form a circle at the other end. This means you have endless possibilities for:

  1. Attaching the GoHook to yourself or something near you (think drawer pulls, shower rods, door knobs, grills, belt loops, aprons, strollers, boats and more), and

  2. Attaching the thing you want to hold to the GoHook.

My new favorite use (aside from using it to attach a dish towel in the kitchen to the belt loop on my jeans) is to put the end with the magnets around the pole in the closet in any hotel I stay in and use the hook end to hold my laundry bag. This way my dirty clothes are out of the way and out of sight when I’m in the room, but on the closet rod so I won’t forget them when I leave. If you have a make-up bag or dopp kit with a loop, you can hang it from the hook, while the magnet ends go around the shower rod, or you can hang the hook over the shower door and let the magnet ends hold the make-up bag loop. There are countless ways the GoHook will be useful around your BBQ grill area as well.

And don’t forget this important fact: the GoHook stays “closed” by magnets: not by internal metal springs that will wear out or break easily like other devices you may have tried.

There are literally hundreds of uses for these clever hooks--once you start using the GoHook, you will not only want more, but you will wonder how you ever got along without them. A Cool Tool? You bet!


  • Flexible rubber hook with 2 embedded magnets                    
  • Holds maximum weight of 3 pounds             
  • 3.5”/9cm long by 2”/5cm wide
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