fusionbrands Thumb Scraper (Pack of 2)

Why It's Cool: Scrapes off the stuff you want to get rid of while saving your nails and the surface you're scraping.

One of life’s minor but irritating problems is removing things that are stuck on, off. Like labels or price stickers on new purchases, or those pesky plastic safety seal wrappings around almost anything. Not to mention stuff stuck onto your saute pan or candle wax that dripped on your table.

There is no end of things that need removing, and my default (much to the horror of my nail tech) was to use that handy little tool at the end of my finger. But I know better, and so should you. Nails are fairly fragile things with lots of layers that peel off.

Now I’ve found a solution that is sooo much better...the Thumb Scraper from fusionbrands.

We love this company. fusionbrands isn’t trying to cure cancer: it’s tackling the little annoying things in life, and doing it oh-so very well. fusionbrands even won an International Housewares Association Global Innovation Award for its latest product. And the founders are great people!

So what does the Thumb Scraper do? It acts as the best, strongest fingernail (even better, because it’s flat: not curved), without damaging your real fingernails. It has a very slim, strong edge that can get into and under all sorts of places that need scraping. And because it's nylon, it won't damage the surface you're scraping.

Want a stick-on label removed? The answer is … Thumb Scraper. Want wax scraped off a tabletop, without damaging the table? Thumb Scraper. Want to clean out those little cracks in the kitchen and bathroom that just collect grime? Thumb Scraper. And it has an ergonomic thumb grip that makes it easy to use.

Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Great design; never-ending functionality! Definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 2 pack of the Thumb Scraper
  • Remove stickers, wax, gunk and grime without ruining your manicure             
  • Small size allows it to fit into hard to reach places, and easily scrape gunk out of tight corners
  • 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" (9cm x 3.8cm)
  • Nylon with a non-slip grip
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