Gefu Asparagus Peeler

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Why It's Cool: Curved blade and contoured holder assure even, easy peeling (and peeled asparagus just tastes better!)

Why peel asparagus? If you have white asparagus, it’s almost required, because the peel can be very tough. But what about our standard green asparagus? If it’s less than 1/2” in diameter, we don’t bother, but those big, lush and often tastier spears really benefit from removing the peel from the bottom third or so. In addition to the improvement in taste and texture, it seems to hold any sauce better, and, to us, at least, it’s just prettier.

Now, once you’ve decided that peeling might be worth some effort--the question is: how can  you do it with the least amount of effort, and the best results? You can use a standard peeler, but that has two major drawbacks: 1) the straight edge of the typical peeler takes off too much of the asparagus, and 2) it’s awkward to use: you have to lay each spear on a flat surface and then peel horizontally. Or you can hold each spear in your hand and risk peeling your fingers! But now there is a better way... we have a Cool Tool for that!

Enter the Gefu Asparagus Peeler. During asparagus season this almost never makes it to the kitchen drawer--it’s either in use or in the dishwasher--we use it everyday! There are a couple of things that set this apart from the crowd and elevate it to Cool Tool Status:

  1. It has a curved blade that follows the shape of the asparagus spear, so there is less waste
  2. The flexible holder side gently holds the asparagus spear against the blade, so it is much easier to peel, and you can do it in a more natural position
  3. The ergonomic finger loop gives you a great grip on the peeler
  4. The blade is made of high-quality Japanese steel, so it peels more easily
  5. It can be used right or left-handed
  6. It has a handy little knife blade if you need to make a quick cut

And it's not a uni-tasker... you can use it on carrots, parsnips, small cucumbers or any other small rod-shpaed fruit or vegetable.

Take your asparagus to the next level with this wonderful Cool Tool!


    • Stainless Steel and nylon
    • 7” long
    • Dishwasher safe
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