HIC Stainless Steel Cocktail Mixing (Bar) Spoon

Why It's Cool: Long, sleek, one-piece 18/8 sturdy stainless steel construction

Whenever you see a bartender/mixologist at work, they have a Bar Spoon nearby … the essential tool, for mixing (stirred, not shaken) a drink, and more … so your home bar very definitely needs one of these. And we’ve spent some time finding the one that we think is best of breed ….

The one-piece 18/8 stainless steel Cocktail Mixing Spoon from Harold is an impressive and very sturdy 12” long and includes 4 basic features, to assure maximum effectiveness behind your bar:

  • The 12" length assures that you can reach the bottom of even the tallest glass,
  • The 2”/5cm long tear-drop shaped bowl-end of the spoon not only stirs, but helps create interesting effects as well,

  • The 8½”/22cm long spiral-cut handle makes stirring much easier, and

  • The 1½“/3cm long ‘hammer’ feature at the blunt end is useful as a mini-muddler/ice breaker.

Most “spoons” are merely ‘spoons’, but a Bar Spoon with the extra detail of the long spiral-cut handle gives you additional skills for your Mixologist cred. The most interesting part of this design is the spiral: simply hold the middle part of the Spoon between your two palms, fingers fully extended, and then rub your palms back & forth … the ridges on the handle make it easy to stir your cocktail thoroughly … like a blender/frother: like a pro! And even reduces the bubbles in your sparkling wine … for a Kir or otherwise.

One other crazy advantage: when you want to ‘layer’ your liquors, having this Bar Spoon in your kit will allow you to smoothly lay one level onto another ….

The opposite blunt end acts as a mini-muddler: chop/pound the mint/fresh fruit in your glass, and then press it to give extra flavor dimensions to your Mint Julep or Caipirinha! … so many possibilities!

Simple, basic, all-inclusive design … all of this, with one piece construction - no welds to rust/break:- … and with the additional features that differentiates it from a mere ‘spoon’, thereby giving you the extra functionalities you need … definitely a Cool Tool! You want this on your home bar, and it makes a great gift for your mixologist friends!


  • 12”/30.5cm overall length
  • One-piece 18/8 stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
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