HeatTHAT! Serving Pieces

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Why It's Cool: Stylish design, practical functionality to keep your dips and sauces warm

How many times has this happened to you? You have prepared a wonderful hot hors d’oeuvres dip or a sauce for a dish, but almost as soon as you get it to the table, it starts to cool and loses some of its appeal. Now here is an elegant solution!

The HeatTHAT! Serving Pieces distill the essences of 21st Century design and function: combining old-style basic functionality with modern microwave technology to deliver a simple, beautiful dish for your table. Each has an insulated base that acts functionally as a trivet to protect both your tabletop and your fingertips, as well as the foundation for an integrated microwavable heating base (the base is ~ 3/4”/2cm wider than the dish); each white ceramic dish has a hollow bottom that rests atop the heating base.

The heating base is warmed through by the microwave (Cool Tip: Put the heating base toward the outer edge of the microwave turntable for more effective heating), for indirect heating of the ceramic dish: without the dangers of alcohol burners or the mess of tea lights. Finally, the ceramic dishes are simple, classic white stoneware designs that are compatible with almost any tabletop. Together with the heating base, they contribute to maintaining the warmth of their contents.

Both pieces are 5.6”/14cm square. The Dip Bowl is nearly-straight vertical 2”/5.2cm sides, making it perfect for dips, or for warm sauces, to be served with your own ladle, or even for individual soup or chile servings. The Gravy Boat features an integrated handle and pour spout, with 2.34”/6cm sides; we use this version alone for a range of sauces and gravies. The insulated bases are interchangeable, at 5.75”/14.6cm square. All ceramic pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Simply heat the base for 1- 1 ½  minutes in your 1100W microwave near the edge of the turntable (adjust time and settings based upon your microwave), pour (or heat--the ceramic dish is microwave safe) your warm ingredient into the ceramic dish, and you’re ready to serve at table - still warm - for most of the time it takes you to eat (~30 minutes; your experience may vary!).

The HeatTHAT! Serving Pieces are beautiful, multi-award winning designs that you will want on your table! These Serving Pieces combine simple elegance with modern technology, to deliver classic functionality! In short, these are very Cool Tools!

If you use your microwave oven only to melt butter, then these Serving Pieces will enable you to expand your repertoire in so many ways.  And apologies to folks who just don’t use a microwave oven, for whatever reason: you’ll be missing out on the convenience, function, and style that the HeatTHAT! Serving Pieces will bring to your table!


  • 5.6”/14cm square
  • Dip Bowl: 2”/5.2cm height, 1 ⅛ Cup/267ml capacity
  • Gravy Boat: 2.34”/6cm height, 1 ⅛ Cup/267ml capacity
  • Base: 5.75”/14.6cm square
  • Microwave safe
  • Ceramic dishes are dishwasher safe, but heating base should not be put in the dishwasher
  • Place Base on the outer edge of the microwave turntable and microwave for 1+ minutes at 1100 Watts to heat Base up to 250F/121C
  • Red Dot Award Winner
  • GIA Award Winner (International Housewares Assn.)
  • Good Design Award Winner (Chicago Athenaeum)
  • iF International Forum Design Award Winner
  • Gixia Group Design
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