HYDAWAY Carbon Filter & Lid Pack

Why It's Cool: Great tasting water on the go, with virtually no extra effort.

Want the water you take with you to taste even better? Just replace the lid with a HYDAWAY high flow spout lid with 3 reusable BPA-Free carbon block filters and taste the difference. Once you put this lid on your HYDAWAY bottle, no further pre-planning is necessary to have great tasting water on the go.

  • Spout Lid with integrated filtration fits all HYDAWAY bottles
  • Carbon block technology reduces chlorine, taste, and odors from municipal tap water and Filters water as you drink – no need to prep ahead of time
  • Reusable BPA-Free filter housing is easy to replace, and minimizes single-use plastic
  • Replace carbon block every three months or as needed to maintain fresh water. Do not place filters in dishwasher or use soap. Rinse with clean tap water only.
  • HYDAWAY Carbon Filters remove only taste and odor from water but DO NOT remove bacteria, viruses, or heavy metals. FILTER ONLY TRUSTED, POTABLE WATER SOURCES
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