i Genietti Telescoping Silicone Brush from IPAC

Why It's Cool: You can reach new heights (or depths) with this telescoping silicone brush.

Silicone brushes are something we can’t do without--we use them to spread oil in a pan so that we use less, to spread melted butter on a hot griddle to make blinis or pancakes (because it’s silicone, the bristles don’t melt on a hot surface), to spread sauce or marinade on meat or fish before we cook it. In short, brushes are indispensable Tools for any kitchen.

But most of our kitchen versions are a little too short for use outdoors (or reaching into the back of the oven, for that matter). That’s why we were so excited when we found this telescoping silicone brush from i Genietti, the wonderful Italian design company.

When closed this brush is just under 8”/20.32cm: small enough to rest comfortably in any drawer and short enough to use up close. But once you extend its sturdy stainless steel telescoping handle, it becomes a full 25”/63.5cm long; long enough to allow you to stand back safely from the grill, or to reach into an oven to baste. And because it telescopes in 5 segments, it is highly adjustable and you can stop at any length in between.

Its silicone head enables it to withstand high heat, which should be hot enough to do anything you want to do. And it washes up in the dishwasher, so it stays hygienic. A true Cool Tool!


  • Stainless steel head and handle and silicone bristles
  • Heat-resistant, but don't hold over direct flame
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-porous silicone bristles won't stain
  • Won't scratch cookware
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