IPAC Stainless Steel ‘Dondolo’ - the Standing Soft Cheese Knife

Why It's Cool: Sleek stainless steel cheese knife that stands on its own, keeping the "cheesey" blade off your table or countertop. Great conversation piece!

Don’t you just hate it when you use a cheese knife and then have to figure out how to keep the dirty blade from making your cheese board dirty as well? Do you grab an extra plate, a piece of paper towel, or something else to put between the dirty blade and the rest of the cheese board? You don’t have to, if you have the Standing Soft Cheese Knife from IPAC.

IPAC is a 70+ years old family-owned & operated Tuscan brand, and the name behind many classic Italian stainless steel products, beginning with the first Italian strainer in the post-WW2 era. They share our guiding principle of offering professional design and quality tools for the home cook. IPAC has evolved their brands over the years to include the work of their “geniuses” - i Genietti: extending beyond basic stainless steel tools to other materials and patented designs. The Standing Soft Cheese Knife - il dondolo (“the rocking chair”) - is an excellent example.

Its unique patented design works very well! As its name suggests, il dondolo rocks on its base: blade upright, never falling! Executed in polished stainless steel, the weighted end of its handle puts the center of gravity on the end of the handle: not along the entire length, like a typical knife or spatula. Like its spreader/spatula cousin, the broad rounded bottom - or end - of the handle allows il dondolo to find its own center, without the user having to carefully place a square end on the table. Its tapered slightly flexible blade features a semi-sharp cutting edge on one side, for easy cutting and a curved ‘beak’ tip with a hole in the blade for easy pickup and release. When used correctly, il dondolo keeps the ‘dirty’ blade and tip off your table or countertop. And it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Unique patented design, and functionality without comparison, this is truly a Cool Tool!


  • 8”/20cm “Tall”
  • 1⅝”/4.13cm wide at base
  • 1”/2.5cm wide blade, at widest point
  • ½”/1.25cm wide ‘beak opening 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Patented design
  • Design by IPAC Lab
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